awards at the natural history museum

awards at the natural history museum

Getting the chance to work in some of the most beautiful buildings in London is a major perk of working in event photography. For the third year in a row I was asked to cover the IJ Global Awards, a prestigious ceremony and gala dinner held annually at the Natural History Museum. The evening honours some of the biggest and most important infrastructure projects globally and welcomes nominees from around the world to celebrate their achievements and successes in a stunning location.

The venue itself is used to international visitors. People teem to it from all over the country and world enjoying their visit to one of London’s most famous and interesting museums.In the daytime, the Great Hall, featuring Dippy the Diplodocus at it’s centre, is absolutely teeming with visitors. The evening turnaround is really incredible – the lighting is spectacular and makes event photography in this spot just wonderful.As a returning client, IJ Global know that I will give them full extensive coverage of their important event. Natural and posed networking shots, followed by full close, medium and wide shots of the award ceremony itself as well as posed photoboard images against their branded backdrop. This wide variety of professional photos give them the most options for publicising the success of their event. This helps with pulling in new nominees and attendees for years to come. Attendees can also share and display the images of themselves to help others celebrate in their achievements.Very much looking forward to working at this beautiful building and with my lovely slient on more events to come.

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